Teacher for Exploring Ethics (ages 3-6)

simbaSimba was born in Zaire (currently the Democratic Republic of Congo). She is a performing artist, choreographer, playwright and educator. She studied Liberal Arts at LaGuardia Community College. She is the Artistic Director of her own performing arts company JungleDom Network.

Simba has over ten years of experience working with children in New York City and beyond. She has a special gift for empathizing with young children, imbuing them with confidence and teaching them about community. With her generous heart and enthusiasm for the arts she has already nurtured a generation of children through the Ethics for Children program.

Teacher for Living Ethics (ages 7-9)

storäe michele, [known by her ancestors as Michele Stanback] is an artist, art therapist, eco-feminist, writer, director and educator of ten years. As an Interdisciplinary Masters of Divinity graduate of Union Theological Seminary, storäe infuses the arts into theological inquiries–exploring rituals, and breathing new life into sacred spaces for meaningful reflection.  Her first film [the listening heart], is performed with an amazing cast of incredible women of color, bringing to life an original story grounded in Mayan and Yoruba cosmologies.  Through embodied poetry, song and dance, she uplifts the feminine divine and investigates ways we communicate the meaning of love to our youth. storäe is committed to the sharing of these stories with women of color as subject—[re]mythologizing and unearthing the narratives of our ancestors. To learn more, please visit www.storaemichele.com

Teacher for Evolving Ethics (ages 10-12)

leaLea’s background in theater, creative writing, team-building and event production has informed her role as a teacher and program director. She has worked with diverse populations of children in a range of environments: from theater workshops to juvenile detention facilities.  Lea believes in the use of creativity and play to promote learning and personal development and to encourage new ways of interacting with our environment and communities. Lea encourages children to act on their convictions and use their voices in and out of class.  She brings her passion for environmental awareness, social justice and cultural understanding to her work on behalf of the Ethical Culture movement, whose message and actions couldn’t be more timely or important than right now.

Education Director

TatyTaty was born in Brazil and has been a teacher and tutor for over 20 years in schools in Brazil and in NYC. Much of her work with kids over the past 20 years has revolved around developing projects to create positive change in local and international communities and to empower young people to understand how important their ideas and actions can be.

Taty has worked for a variety of different organizations, including Greenpeace and The New York International Fringe Festival. She has also taught martial arts, organized interfaith organizations to support educational and health projects in Uganda, Brazil, Tibet and Afghanistan, and has held a variety of technology jobs, ranging from web development to robotics.
Taty joined BSEC looking for a caring and engaged community for her own daughter Tahra, who is now a happy student of the youngest Ethics for Children classes.

Visiting Teachers:

Yoga Instructor

Heather discovered her practice through Anusara Yoga. For her, yoga is all about offering balance between the mind, body and spirit. As a NYS Certified Theatre Arts Educator, Heather works with children every day. She initially sought out children’s yoga training to support her creative drama students, but eventually creative drama began to support her yoga students! Children change and grow so quickly, and are in constant need of balance. Yoga and drama are so complimentary of each other: both support a child’s need to play while focusing on their physical, creative, social, emotional, and behavioral development; and both get richer with practice. In 2007 Heather received her Karma Kids Yoga teacher certificate and has continued training with Little Flower Yoga, Shakta Kaur Khalsa, and most recently, Circus Yoga with Kevin O’Keefe & Erin Maile! Children love to play, and they love yoga because it feels terrific. The most gorgeous thing about teaching children yoga, is that it offers children strong tools to help them cope with the changes in their bodies as well as life’s ups & downs. Namasté.

Volunteer Staff:

Information about our amazing volunteers is coming soon.

The Ethics for Children Program

The Ethics for Children Program

Our Programs

Our Ethics for Children program provides a fun, focused learning environment for kids to explore topics that foster empathy, respect and a deeper understanding of self and others. These include: our relationship to the natural world, the diversity of world religions and philosophies, social justice and action, and peaceful problem-solving.

The goal of Ethics for Children is to provide children with skills and knowledge to help them make ethical choices and learn to respect the inherent worth of every human being. We do not impose a fixed set of values or beliefs. Rather, we encourage children to respect and learn about themselves and their environment and to examine how their own ideas and actions impact the greater world.

The program also includes yoga and mindfulness, permaculture and environmental practices, arts, service and volunteering and community building activities.

We focus on 5 major principles:
Care for the Self
Care for the Family
Care for the Community
Care for the Earth
Care for the World

Ethics for Children can also be a full family activity, with classes for all ages and free adult programs at the same time for those who want to attend.


The video below is from one of our classes during our end of year ceremony:

Exploring Ethics (ages 3-6)
Teacher Simba Yangala

This program is designed to provide a warm and caring environment for young children: a place they want to be. The curriculum for this group is play-based and encourages cooperation and respect for themselves and their classmates. Stories, games, art and free-play employ the senses, build cooperation and touch on themes such as nature, community, generosity and kindness.

Growing Ethics (ages 7-9)
Teacher storae michele 

Our children continue to build on these foundations. This group will expand their sense of social responsibility and explore global ethical dilemmas. They will also explore the history of world religions as well as the Ethical Culture movement. The main goal for this age group is to examine their own beliefs in preparation for their Coming of Age year.

Living Ethics (ages 10-12)
Teacher Lea Bender 

Our Evolving Ethics class provides a supportive space where teens develop good decision-making skills, caring relationships, and social responsibility. At our weekly meetings young teens experience belonging and community in a welcoming, action-oriented, and judgment-free environment. Through service-learning projects, visits from local artists and non-profit organizations, our group will explore how to be effective initiators and organizers of social change.  Students will have opportunities to share their work and their evolving understanding about what one needs to do to lead a meaningful life. Graduates can join the YES Program (Youth of Ethical) that is part of a national group of kids involved in Ethical Culture.



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