AnneMarie’s Birthday

This past Sunday, Sept 16th, we celebrated the 96th birthday of our eldest member, AnneMarie Mogul, who is forever young at heart and spirit.
Below you will find some of the pictures of the day:

You can find more pictures by clicking here for PDF with varous pictures

Charley Horwitz Platform: Celebrate Activism


SUNDAY, OCTOBER 14, 2018 • 11:00am to 4:00pm

Charley Horwitz Memorial - collage

at BSEC 53 Prospect Park West • Brooklyn, NY 11215



The Charley Horwitz Platform celebrates community building through peaceful resolutions, activism, and inclusion. The annual event is named for the late BSEC president Charley Horwitz.


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The Ethical Action Committee (EAC) at Brooklyn Society for Ethical Culture hosts the annual Charley Horwitz Platform.

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Renaming Our Newsletter

Renaming Our Newsletter

Our weekly email newsletter, which goes out to about 1500 people each week, has been called the “Community Builder.” Readers include not just members of the Ethical Culture Society, but also many people in the larger community who want to know about events at Brooklyn Ethical.

We’re changing the name, and welcome input into what name to choose.   Something that communicates the spirit of Brooklyn Ethical, not too long (because it’s part of what people see in their email box), and eye-catching would be a great combination.

You’ll still be on the list if you’re on there now.  It’s just the name we’re changing.

Send your ideas by July 31 to us at the form below (DON’T FORGET TO CLICK SUBMIT).

If the form isn’t working you can send a note to Taty Sena, Outreach Coordinator, via the Outreach form at this link:  Contact Us   (In your message, let us know if you would NOT want your name used publicly if we select your suggestion.)

300 HOPE Dinners and counting

By Kim Brandon

On the third Sunday in May, 1993, four guests and twice as many volunteers sat down together in the Dempsey Center here in Brooklyn to begin a journey of building community in the face of one of the worst epidemics of our time.  We are still far from a cure for AIDS, yet there have been strides made that have increased awareness, treatment and understanding.

Over the past 25 years, the HOPE Dinners have provided a sage and nourishing environment to celebrate personal and collective milestones, declare our hopes and dreams and mourn our losses.  One constant throughout the years is the love that has found its way into the home-cooked, nutritious food, the friendly conversations and the material and spiritual support for our guests.

This month marks the 25th anniversary of the HOPE Dinners.  We have served over 20,000 guests and hosted 300 HOPE Dinners and counting.

We would like to acknowledge our Brooklyn Society for Ethical Culture member, the late Donna Roberts, and Rev. Janine Deitz for starting the HOPE Dinners.  Thank you, Donna and Janine, for showing us the powerful legacy of building helping and
healing communities.