July 9, 2017 @ 11:00 am – 12:30 pm
Brooklyn Society for Ethical Culture
53 Prospect Park West
NY 11215
Building the Beloved Community @ Brooklyn Society for Ethical Culture

What would our world be like if we — individuals and groups — could relate to each other with compassion, respecting the worth and dignity of all, recognize our interconnectedness?  Instead, too often we live in a world of divisions, suspicions, and fear.  The phrase has been used by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and others to envision an equitable multiracial world.

Sociologists define a multiracial congregation as one in which no more than 80% of the members are of one identified racial group.  Only 5-7% of Christian congregations in the United States are multiracial even by this minimal definition. Being truly multiracial as a community or world involves more, though, than just who is in the room

Interim Leader Jone Johnson Lewis remembers when beloved community was defined as “when race and class unite.”  But it’s more than just race or class now: gender, sexuality, sexual identity, citizenship status, ethnicity, ability, belief, and more. And the intersections between/among those identities.

What does it take to build authentic “beloved community” both within this precious Ethical Culture community but also in the wider world?  How do we — each of us — need to change in order to move closer to that vision?