September 11, 2016 @ 11:00 am – 12:30 pm
Brooklyn Society for Ethical Culture
53 Prospect Park West
Brooklyn, NY 11215
Connections that Matter With Jone Johnson Lewis @ Brooklyn Society for Ethical Culture | New York | United States

A central idea of Ethical Culture is that we become a complete human being, more of our true self, through relationships. Our “selves” grow and blossom through relationships. Turns out, that is what science is now telling us, too. The implication? Our connections to others really matter, and actively nurturing relationships can definitely be a way to build a more humane world. To put it more simply: hurt people hurt people, and healing people heal people. Jone Johnson Lewis, BSEC’s Interim Clergy Leader, will bring together some philosophical and scientific ideas about how our connections to others can be a force for ethical healing in the world.

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