July 23, 2017 @ 11:00 am – 12:30 pm
Brooklyn Society for Ethical Culture
53 Prospect Park West
NY 11215
The Differences That Unite Us @ Brooklyn Society for Ethical Culture

From a poem by Marge Piercy:

… it starts when you say We
and know who you mean, and each
day you mean one more.

Earlier this month our interim Clergy Leader Jone Johnson Lewis talked about “beloved community” including how to do that when we have different group identities that we bring with us. From the beginning, Ethical Culture has emphasized the value of difference, both individual difference and differences that our identity groups bring.

In this talk, with some chance for discussion and interaction, Jone will bring in the value of difference including in our group identities. It’s not a burden we deal with, it’s a gift all bring to community, large and small.  If we were all the same, wouldn’t we each be redundant, unnecessary?  If we pretend that our group identities have no influence on our uniqueness, is that truly respecting a person’s human worth and dignity? Yet if we are different, conflict is inevitable. So how do we stay connected in compassion and respect while honoring our differences?