July 22, 2018 @ 11:00 am – 12:30 pm
Brooklyn Society for Ethical Culture
53 Prospect Park W

Co-created by Village Playback Theater with Personal Stories from the Audience

We’ve probably all had moments when we felt we didn’t fit in – experiences in which we have felt excluded, bullied, diminished, objectified – “othered”. Or we have “othered” others in similar ways. This behavior may start at a very early age as part of our socialization and manifest across a variety of intersections including, class, race, physical appearance, gender, sexual preference, mental and physical disabilities, and faiths.

In today’s current climate, where the divisions among people seem to be increasing, Village Playback Theatre will invite audiences to share personal stories in an effort to uncover our commonalities rather than our differences, and to generate a sense of empathy and community among us.
Once an audience member shares their experience, a cast of actors, singers and musicians instantly plays back the story creating a theatrical piece which is experienced by all.
Village Playback Theatre is an improvisation -based company utilizing drama, music, movement, and the invitation for personal storytelling to build community throughout metro New York.