May 10, 2019 @ 4:00 pm – 6:30 pm
Brooklyn Society for Ethical Culture - Library
53 Prospect Park West
NY 11215
Lucy's Children Meeting - This week's presentation: They Were Her Property @ Brooklyn Society for Ethical Culture - Library | Mount Prospect | Illinois | United States

This week at Lucy’s Children there will be a presentation based on the book They Were Her Property: White Women as Slaveholders in the American South by Stephanie Jones-Rogers with presenter Paul Heymont.
Recommended pre-reading for Friday: Washington Post review of the book at https://tinyurl.com/yxls5m9s
Please note:
Due to the nature of the discussions on Lucy’s Children, these talks are not open to the general public. All members of BSEC and their personal guests are welcome at the learning sessions of Lucy’s Children. Please contact one of the members if you are interested in attending.


About Lucy’s Children:
We have launched a community effort to examine the fiction of Race and the fact of Racism.  We are a volunteer membership group convening to be a catalyst for conversations at BSEC as well as in the outside world on Ending Systemic Racism and White Supremacy. We seek to engage in conversations, develop programs, promote personal development, and deepen our interpersonal connections. We seek to learn from our individual and shared experiences and engage in advocacy on racial issues in the wider world.

Our plan is to provide information, opportunities, and events that can help us come together as a society to end racism. We will meet the first three Fridays of most months from 4:00 to 6:30 PM at BSEC to plan our efforts, to share resources and related experiences.

All members of BSEC and their personal guests are welcome at the learning sessions of Lucy’s Children.

Note: if anyone wants to join LC but can’t make the 4-6;30PM time slot on Fridays please speak to one of the LC members or email Tasha Paley tashapal@gmail.com with a request for change of time.

Lucy was discovered in 1974 by paleontologists in Ethiopia. At that time she was the earliest known ancestor of the human species. This is why we call our group Lucy’s children.