“Creating an environment that can be used by all people,
regardless of their age, size, disability or ability.”

—Center for Excellence in Universal Design

The Brooklyn Society for Ethical Culture is an inclusive humanist community that is dedicated to social justice, community engagement and personal growth.  We steward a piece of land at 53 Prospect Park West where we strive to practice these values.  Human worth and human connection are key values we hold precious.  As a community, we celebrate and grieve together, supporting and challenging each other in our humanness.  Our historic building serves as a welcoming place for many from our Brooklyn community to come for celebrations, meetings, learning; interaction and enlightenment of all kinds.

To continue in our role as a hub for festivities, personal growth and social action, for EVERYONE in our community, we have committed to building a ramp to our main floor and garden. We want the design of our building and landscape to match our values and say:  ALL ARE WELCOME of WHATEVER AGE, KIND OF BODY, or ABILITY

In an effort to raise awareness and resources for this exciting and important project we are organizing a Live and Virtual Auction and are asking you, in our broader community to consider taking part. A benefit you might consider is that your business will be listed on our Auction Site offering you a great deal of exposure since we will be blasting the Auction on social media and neighborhood lists that reach thousands of people, as well as BSEC’s Community Builder.

You can support BSEC’s Capital Campaign through a tax-deductible
donation of any of the following:

  • Gift Certificates
  • Products/Merchandise
  • Purchasing Journal Ads

We thank our friends and neighbors joining us with support and enthusiasm to help bring this to reality!

To donate services or goods to our accessibility auction, please CLICK HERE
To make financial donations only, please CLICK HERE 

And please help us spread the word. You can use the “Share this” buttons below to share this form on your Social media or email it to friends. If you prefer a PDF of this document, please download it by clicking HERE