BSEC has Hope

By Kim Brandon

Thank you BSEC members for contributing such delicious food and volunteering for the Hope Dinner’s Thanksgiving dinner bags.
This was the 29th Hope Thanksgiving dinner and the 35 dinner bags were overstuffed with wonderful cooked food and baked goods.  You name it we had it.
Thank you Rita Wilson for the tasty lemon cakes
Paul Heymont for dozens of delectable home-baked cookies and breads.
Fiona Boneham for baking us scrumptious muffins
Tom’s donation that covered two pork shoulders and a super large tray of collard greens
Vandra Thorburn for her giant pans of yummy vegetarian homemade herb stuffing and for being our official greeter for the event.
Kim Brandon for granny apple bread pudding for other desserts
We also want to thank all those who offered to contribute and things didn’t line up – but will be ready for the December bags.  Thank you!
Thank you all so much for making this dinner so abundant.
The Hope Dinner was created by Janine Dietz, Donna Roberts, and others almost 30 years ago to help create community for people with HIV/AIDS.  Janine will be speaking at our December 10th Platform about lessons learned in this crisis that may help us with the current pandemic.



A week ago, on October 28, 2022, we had an in-person screening of the movie “Not in My Neighborhood” by Kurt Otabenga Orderson, in co-sponsorship with Imani House.
Several of our members, Imani house friends as well as people from communities affected by the ill effects of gentrification, attended the screening and participated in the Q&A afterward.
Thank you to all who helped make this beautiful community event happen at our building.

NY Center for Nonviolent Communication at Brooklyn Ethical

NY Center for Nonviolent Communication at Brooklyn Ethical

A testimony by Rebecca Lurie

This past summer I took advantage of free training offered to members of BSEC in Nonviolent Communication. It was a weekend retreat we hosted for the NY Center for Nonviolent Communication (NYCNVC) and we are doing it again! In exchange for the use of space, we get a few free seats. (October 28-30)

I cannot say enough about how important these skills are! Many of us in the ethical movement, the left, and peace movements have studied and practiced NVC. Last year we hosted Leonie Smith who taught us aspects of this practice as well. At BSEC we practice the style of NVC when we sit in colloquy, when we teach our children how to speak to one another kindly, and often, (when we are lucky!) when we sit in meetings. But the training here deepens the practice to awaken skills we know we genuinely need to Be the Change we seek in the world.

Please consider being one of the participants later this month when we host it again. If you do, please reach out to me so we can take pleasure and practice the skills together! And if/when enough of us improve our practice, then in any circles we find ourselves in together, we will spread the skills and the practice further.

“Empathic connection is an understanding of the heart in which we see the beauty in the other person, the divine energy in the other person, the life that’s alive in them. We connect with it. The goal isn’t intellectually understanding it, the goal is empathically connecting with it. It doesn’t mean we have to feel the same feelings as the other person. That’s sympathy when we feel sad that another person is upset. It doesn’t mean we have to have the same feelings; it means we are with the other person. This quality of understanding requires one of the most precious gifts one human being can give to another: our presence in the moment.”
– Marshall Rosenberg, Speak Peace in a World of Conf…

Art Night with Friends

This week we had a lovely event, Art Night with Friends, guided by art educator and director of our Ethics for Children Program, Angel Thompson. Participants created their own petit landscapes, enjoyed the beautiful weather, and stayed long after the event sharing stories and enjoying our lovely backyard. It was a warm and fun multigenerational event. Some of the pictures can be found below: