The December Ethics for Children Service Day was focused on food security. We assembled grab bag lunches and collected pantry items for the community fridge that is hosted by the Wyckoff Museum (5816 Clarendon Rd Brooklyn). We also had a special guest, Anaika Forbes, who set up the fridge and the Team Leader of Hashtag LunchBag Brooklyn. Anaika shared how this community fridge, and 2 others, came to be, and how she works to help address food insecurity in Brooklyn. At the end of our day, 24 complete lunches and 4 big bags of pantry goods were delivered!

If anyone is seeking a community fridge in NYC to contribute to or utilize, you can find a map of locations at: If you would like to join Anaika at a monthly Hashtag LunchBag event, you can find details on her social media: hashtaglunchbagbk
To learn more about our ethics for Children classes, visit:
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