On Friday, November 1st, 2019,  our members and friends gathered for a celebration of friendship, art, and appreciation for our community. Below are a few pictures of the evening, which featured poetry read by Kim Brandon and Tasha Paley, a fun theatrical sketch written by Tom Castelnuovo and performed by Tom and our board of directors, delicious food, donated by the Damas Falafel House, owned by the Lahoumah family, from our Ethics for Children program, and several pieces of artwork , which were also donated for our auction. Warren Miner was the winner of one of our auctions ( the 50-50 auction) and kindly donated his prize to help with repairs to our building. Laura Duffy was honored for all of her contributions to our society and was recognized, joining Nancy Richardson and Rita Wison, as a BSEC Beacon.
It was a warm and fun evening surrounded by friends.