Ethics for Children – First Day of 2017/2018

Dear parents
We were so happy to see you all on our first class September 10th! It was exciting to meet so many new friends and to welcome our old friends back to Ethics for Children. Below you will find a short description of our classes and what is coming in the weeks ahead.

We have one more trial day scheduled for September 17th, so feel free to come back if you were trying a class, and tell your friends. To sign up for the trial class September 17th, please visit:

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Please note that nobody is ever turned down for inability to pay. If you need to discuss scholarships, please email Taty at 

What did we do on our September 10th classes?

Exploring Ethics (ages 3-6)
Teacher Simba Yangala

Our first day of Ethics for children in Exploring Ethics. It was a fun Sunday morning to see all the beautiful children. Our high light was the story “A Sea of Pink”. It’s a story a boy who was told on his first day of school by other children who were not so nice to not wear pink t-shirt. Other children came to his rescue and made a day of children wearing pink shirts. He felt welcome and safe.Sea of Pink is the story that originated the Pink Shirt to School day, a worldwide anti bullying campaign. It’s about the power of kindness and getting together to do what is right. With our beautiful tangled up yarn, we made a web of friends together. Learn more about it by watching the video below. See you next Sunday.

Growing Ethics (ages 7-9)
Teacher storae michele 

The Growing with Ethics group created a roadmap of the year together! We discussed dates and holidays we were excited about and discussed what our journey into the future will look like. Afterwards, we wrote letters to our future-selves, that will be mailed at the end of the year. These messages included our personal hopes and dreams for the year.

Living Ethics (ages 10-12)
Teacher Lea Bender
After a sweet opening circle in the playground with all of the age groups, our Living Ethics group gathered in the Poly Prep library for our first meeting of the school year! Our theme this month is Welcome and Community. We shared times we felt like outsiders and also about places where we feel welcome. Gus said he felt like an outsider on the first day of EfC last year, but now EfC is one of the places where he feels safe and welcome. We also talked about times we helped others to feel welcome when they were new or felt left out. Later, we got on our feet with some get-to-know-you games and finished class by talking through the monthly themes for the year. Next week we will also be making creative maps of our lives. I’m already looking forward to next Sunday!

See you all on Sunday, September 17th!
Taty Sena

Ethics for Children FAQ

Below you will find some basic information that will help you make the most of your experience with us.

What time should I arrive?
Most children arrive around 10:45 so they have time to play and get oriented before the program starts at 11. After being signed in by a parent, children are welcome to join in supervised play.

When and where is the pickup?
Children will either be in the PolyPrep playground or the BSEC meeting hall at 12:30 pm. You must
be on-site at BSEC to pick up your child at 12:30. Please be sure to check with the teacher before you leave.

Can parents participate in the classroom?
Of course! Parents are always welcome to join us.

Can parents attend the free adult platforms while the kids are in class?
Absolutely! Our platforms are open to all, so feel free to attend and bring friends. And EfC parents are considered active participants of the society, so look for your name tags starting in October. They will be waiting for you at the welcome table at the platforms if you chose to attend.

Can my child bring friends?
Yes. Anyone is welcome to try the program before registering.

What should I do if my child has to miss a class?
If you are unable to attend a particular week, we request that you email your child’s teacher to let them know your child will not be in attendance so that they can plan effectively.

How do I get more involved as a parent?
Come to our Ethical Education meetings! Teachers and parents meet one Sunday a month from 1-2 pm in the BSEC office. Check out our calendar or ask one of our teachers.

Who should I contact if I have questions, concerns or suggestions?
We strive to make the program work for every child. Please feel free to reach out to our director, Taty Sena at any time:

Ethics for Children – Lots of news for 2017-2018!

Dear EfC Parents,

Taty and Lea here! Hope you are having a wonderful summer.  We are looking forward to fall already!
There will be lots of new additions to our kids class this year, such as regular yoga and midfulness classes, permaculture and volunteering and service days and arts as regular part of our program for all the classes, but there are also some major staffing changes.

We will all be back in the fall and Simba will continue to teach the youngest children, but Taty and Lea are switching hats!

As many of you know Taty Sena and Lea Bender have both had two jobs at BSEC, Taty as the Outreach Coordinator and Lea as the EfC Director and both as EfC teachers.  Starting in August, Taty will be taking over the role of EfCDirector and Lea will be picking up the teaching of the Evolving Ethics class. Lea has taught this age group at EfC in the past and is excited to return to do it again this year.  This will allow Taty to be available to parents and visitors during class times and attend all platforms in her role as Outreach Coordinator, a job that is more streamlined with the role of EfC director than with that of teacher.

We also have an amazing and caring new teacher join our program: Storäe Michele. Storäe is a very dynamic teacher with over 10 years teaching experience and a very unique set of talents. we are so excited to have her join our team! Check out her bio at our teachers page HERE.

And to celebrate all the changes, we are offering a Family and Friends Early Bird discount. If you sing up for classes before September 8th this year, you can use the code EFC2017 for a 20% discount rate when paying for our semester or yearly fees. Just visit our registration page at: and use the coupon on the bottom of the page.
And feel free to share it with your friends and family.They can also email, with subject “Subscribe” if they want to be added to our EFC mailing list.

Below is a list of useful links:
About Ethics for Children Program 2017-2018
Register for classes
EFC teachers and staff
Calendar for 2017-2018

Questions for the director (calendar, scholarships, etc) should now be addressed to Taty at

Lea Bender and Taty Sena

Trial class for Ethics for Children

Dear parents

We would love to have your children try out our Ethics for Children class.  All our classes are Sundays from 11am to 12:30.
We currently have 3 classes:
Exploring Ethics (ages 3-6) – parents are welcome to drop off the kids or stay in the class with them
Growing Ethics (ages 7-9)
Living Ethics (ages 10-12)

If you have teens interested in our program, please contact us about our Coming of Age program.

To learn more about each class, please click here.  

To see our calendar for this year, please click here

Free adult talks are also available at the Society at the same time as the children classes, and EFC parents are welcome to attend them if they are interested.
Please complete the form below to sign up for one of our trial classes:

Pictures from our Refugee Welcome Dinner

Pictures from our Refugee Welcome Dinner

Thank you all who helped make our Refuge Welcome Dinner Such a successful event. BSEC members and several organizations and volunteers got together to warmly welcome new friends from all over the world who recently came to make NYC their homes. We are glad you are here, and our doors are always open to you!