Simba Yangala (Exploring Ethics, 3-7 years)
It was fun being at the platform with the children, sharing a song with the grown ups this Sunday morning. Back in our class, after our greeting song, I asked the children which place they liked more, the children’s place or the grown up’s place. Two out of eight children said the like the grown up place. For our Ethical discussion, we talked about the importance of caring about our friends. For the Ethical dilemma, we used the example of when to tell a friend’s secret. If it’s a surprise birthday party, we keep the secret and if they going to take another friend’s lunch box, we can get help to bring out the best in them. The children were really engaged in the activity. Before going on to our play time, we practiced voting. The choices were, which one to start first: the playroom for free play or going in the hallway for the selected game, “Statue”. 6 children chose the hallway and 2 chose the  playroom. We started with “Statue” in the hallway and then did our mannequin challenge at the beginning of our free play. Have a wonderful week and see you next Sunday 🙂

Taty Sena (Living Ethics, 12-14 years)
This week in Living Ethics we joined the platform for the beginning musical opening with Dupree. We went back to the classroom for a discussion on our experience handing out our care bags before the Thanksgiving break. The kids were very insightful about what they learned from it and it developed into a discussion about how we can do more and maybe get the whole society involved in the coming year.  More on that to come. We have also talked a little about thankfulness and appreciating what we are given and those in our lives.

Lea Bender (Evolving Ethics, 12-14 years)
We picked up a discussion topic from several weeks ago: what does it mean to “be a man”?  For some other perspectives on this subject we watched/discussed excerpts from a documentary called The Mask You Live In (available on Netflix –I pre-screened it and skipped over a few parts that were too mature, but it’s a good documentary to view in full as parents/caregivers of a young teen).  We will finish our discussion/screening next week and begin to plan the projects that we will present in June.