Dear friends,
As we wrap up 2023, it is always fun to look at community moments. We had so many fascinating talks and moving community moments on Zoom, but we also had a lot of in-person events.
Below are a few highlights:

We got together to collect toiletries for the women’s shelter, write postcards to voters, create paintings together in a multigenerational arts day, support the Hope Dinner, watch platforms together on hybrid days, and also celebrate some of our oldest members, like AnneMarie, Warren, and Ellen.

Our Ethics for Children Program had classes in person every Sunday, and once a month did some amazing service projects, showing real ethics in action. Some of their service projects included making food to fill a community refrigerator, collecting books to be distributed to families for free, cleaning a beach, supporting an animal shelter, and creating gifts in support of our community for the Hope dinner, members, and the Prospect gamers.

And our members shared holiday pictures with us, because BSEC members also like to have fun!