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AnneMarie’s Birthday

This past Sunday, Sept 16th, we celebrated the 96th birthday of our eldest member, AnneMarie Mogul, who is forever young at heart and spirit.
Below you will find some of the pictures of the day:

You can find more pictures by clicking here for PDF with varous pictures

TeaXchange – Life Reflections in the Lens of Tea

What is tea? In a world as complicated as our human society, tea has been processed, marketed and sold in many ways against what tea is. Tea is a fascinating world in itself. Let’s go to the basics, sort out some nouns and verbs and then you can start your own exploration.
The theme for February’s gathering is:

Oolong, also called wulong, is one of the six categories of tea. The tasting profile can vary vastly depending on what type of oolong you try. This workshop is about oolong, about the makings of this tea, about the brewing, about the connections of history, tradition, culture, and people through this tea. Join us for an afternoon of tea and conversation with three amazing oolongs.