Hello parents and friends!

We are getting excited about this last Sunday of the month before we open registration and delve more deeply into our group classes and projects in October!

This week our Living Ethics (8-12) and Evolving Ethics (12-14) groups will be led in song -and other activities around the theme of music and activism- by our own DuPree. If you have not yet heard DuPree sing, she starts off the platform on the first Sunday of each month. Her voice is a treasure and her partnership with our children’s program this year is very exciting. If you child is joining our Living or Evolving Ethics groups this week, they are welcome to bring a song that is meaningful to them or to their parents or grandparents, particularly songs that speak to social justice or environment issues. If the song is available online, they can come with the title and I’ll pull it up.

Also, a reminder that our tag sale is on Oct 2nd after platform, so please continue to set aside all that great stuff you are planning to get rid of and we hope some of you can stay after platform to help with it! I’ll send another update about it next week.


Simba Yangala
Exploring Ethics (3-7year olds)
Celebrating the elders in our community was our theme this week. This Sunday after the funny laughter yoga with Phyllis, the children made a collaborative birthday card for BSEC member Anne-Marie who turned 94 years old! We went together to present it to her and sing her happy birthday. Also, taking turns in our circle, the children talked about their own grandparents and what they love and remember about them.

Lea Bender
Living Ethics (8-12 year olds)/Evolving Ethics (12-14 year olds)
We began with all ages joining together in a circle on the playground on a beautiful warm morning. Although I am a 20-year yoga practitioner, I’d never done “Laughter Yoga” before so it was fun to experience it with our guest Phyllis and our big circle of friends. Afterwards, our group headed to the Poly Prep library to join a discussion with BSEC members Cat Miller and Vandra Thorburn. This was the first in a series of adult member visits that we are trying out this year. What started as a chance for the adults to share what Ethical Culture means to them, turned into a discussion of what it means to be ethical in general. Other interesting topics around the circle included how to engage with people who have different belief systems with respect and curiosity, and the ways in which our own beliefs can change and evolve.

Looking forward to seeing you on Sunday!