By Muriel Tillinghast

“As anti-vaxx groups nationwide continue to push dangerous theories, some are already reaping the consequences. In their latest deadly advice, the same anti-vaxx groups that pushed at-home COVID-19 remedies including drinking bleach, taking ivermectin, and gargling Betadine have been encouraging members not to go to the hospital.”
Daily Kos, Aysha Qamar , September 217, 2021

Clearly there is something going on in the resistance COVID protocols including wearing masks, frequent hand and face washing, and maintaining about 6 feet distance between strangers. I shake my head regarding not only the resistance, but the fury with which some of those parties respond. Masks and inoculations/vaccinations seem to be the prime targets. I try not to be judgmental, but here’s my thinking:

1. OK, I get it that one doesn’t want to be told what to do, but everyone gets directions, orders, advisements all during one’s life, some you follow willingly and others not so. However, if someone provides the hope of saving your life and the lives of your loved ones, what’s the beef?

2. I don’t like wearing masks either, but I have learned to make it work. It is a matter of getting use of something. I breathe through my nose and mouth when I have the mask on and I manage. You will too.

3. “I am not going to get the disease.” There’s no reasoning behind that one, so I’m going to skip that argument.

4. I got the flu after I got my flu shot. No argument. And you might catch COVID after the COVID shot, but here’s the kicker. With no immunity, severe illnesses including death is almost certain, if the virus is contracted. With the shots, it appears that the virus will be less virulent. Avoid the most serious effects is personally and medically important. One article said that 70 million people who are avoiding the inoculations are “simply kindling for the virus fire surely to come.”

5. So what is this virus in simple terms:

a. As a virus, this thing has no life. It is not a bacterium. It cannot be killed. It can be arrested when it has no more hosts in which to bred itself. How long can that last? Science doesn’t know. The idea here is to stop providing hosts in which the virus can breed and breed it does exponentially when it comes “home” to living, unvaccinated body.

b. Once inside the body, this rapidly reproducing virus can evolve at a rate this is nothing short of phenomenal. The virus enters in one form does not stay that way. The virus can evolve into several different forms depending on the host (your body) and its specific attack formations in various areas.

c. One viral entry can set up more than 12 or more different internal viral formations which can continue to create other formations. I now understand when doctors say, “There is nothing more we can do.” They are not chasing one problem, they may be chasing thousands of problems in one body: blood vessel (clouts), lungs (pneumonias), the heart to name few prime areas where the virus “sets up house.”

d. On NPR “Science Friday,” (October 1, 2021), a British case study was reviewed and it really effected me. About 10 days after he was infected, a man went to the hospital. The infection was noted, but nothing was happening to put them on alert and so he was sent home. As you know, hospital beds are in shortage and so is medical staffing, so he was not a priority. About 35 days later, he was back in the hospital and again his case was considered mild, nothing to work on. Then he came back 75 days later and he was in acute distress. He never got better. On the 101 day of his ordeal he died. His body carried more than a 1 billion viral load of the COVID type. That made me stop in my tracks. I don’t think that people understand this medical adversary. I know I didn’t!

1. Wait, there’s more, something called Long-COVID, for people who survive the virus. Here’s a layman’s type definition: “Although long COVID is poorly defined, the researchers [acknowledge] such symptoms as chest/throat pain, abnormal breathing, abdominal symptoms, fatigue, depression, headaches, cognitive dysfunction and muscle pain.”

2. COVID and its fallout will be with us for decades to come. As of this writing 700,000 Americans have died from the disease, the highest number of COVID deaths in the world. The social and economic impact is staggering, e.g., the number and care of children who have lost one or both parents and other significant family members, the loss of income by death or incapacities per household, loss of property, etc.

Be wise: get the shots, stay up on your vitamins, follow the protocols.